Minecraft Dungeons – Secret Weapons and Enchantments we found

Minecraft Dungeons – Secret Weapons and Enchantments we found

Minecraft Dungeons is set to be launched soon, and fans are waiting for it very eagerly. The takes place in the familiar blocky Minecraft universe, and its progression revolves around enchantments.
Here is the list of the most interesting enchantments that we have found so far.

These are active abilities that you can choose to use late in the games, and you collect them depending on items and artifacts that you get during the gameplay. They are of varying strengths, and you have the possibility to gather stronger ones as you make progress through the difficult tiers of the game.
We believe Light Feather is one of the most noteworthy artifact skills, at least according to us. This skill allows players to use an additional dodge roll, in addition, it also stuns an enemy close to you while you are moving. There was also one more skill we found really cool when we discovered it, and it is called Wind Horn, and this one is actually incredibly powerful. It knocks back rivals around you, moreover, it does a great job for ranged builds.

Scale Mail is a very handy skill for a melee character because it has the capacity to increase melee damage, or the other way round reduces reduction, as well as protect your health. If you are one of those daredevils who like to get up close to the enemy, this enchant is definitely something you should consider using.
Among the most striking Scale Mail skills we witnessed is Swiftfooted, which gives you a nice speed bonus after you roll. Health Synergy is also great as it grants you a small health boost each time you activate an Artifact Skill. Combined with short cooldowns it has the potential to become a very potent enchantment.

Axe is a slow and heavy weapon that you mostly use to get rid of nasty enemies sneaking up on you behind your back. Sharpness is a nice enchantment available for Axe, we thought it was worth mentioning because it’s… well, it’s pretty self-explanatory what it does, right? With the help of this enchant you can boost the damage you axe does, which is something you will appreciate when killing mobs. Looting is another useful feature. It increases the possibility that consumables will drop from slain mobs.

The indispensable melee weapon, the Sword, has a triple-slash tip and a small knockback. When it comes to this particular weapon, the Weakening enchant caught our attention as it is, in our opinion, a very nice option for melee fighters to use. This enchant mitigates the incoming damage on struck mobs. Chains is one more useful feature that offers you the possibility to cast sort of a magic bond on your opponents in the vicinity. You can literally disable their movement ability for a while.

This was our more or less complete list of the enchantments that we consider to be one-of-a-kind and interesting, and they caught our eye as we explored the Minecraft Dungeons Closed Beta. Of course, there are many more enchants in the final version of the game, and they will be made available to players as soon as the title is released.

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